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Personal Training Classes 
provide the following benefits:
To become  A+  Installer after my Personal Training Program, we will learn the following steps.


1 • Application & Education of color change-media.
2 • Advanced color-change media techniques.
3 • Major Wrap brands & manufacture knowledge.
4 • Exclusive SoFresh  installation techniques, (Game Changer)!
5 • Education of improper installation techniques, very important part to know!
6 • Hands-on training 90% of the Time.
7 •How to start a vinyl wrap business,( i can save you UP TO 5 YEARS OF YOUR TIME!)
8  • How to manage CORRECTLY a vinyl wrap BUSINESS.(Don’t repeat my mistakes! Make a better ones)
9 • Personal Training  Standard Program   centralizes on the basics of vinyl wrap installation.
10 • Under my guidance(Stav Kan.), you will obtain hands-on experience using my super easy techniques & tricks developed and mastered since 2014. Life savvier guaranteed & guiding you comfortably to the vinyl wrap industry.
11 • Various  vinyl brands and material types will be used  (such as standard, textured, matte, satin, gloss, super high gloss vinyls )

12 • I will demonstrate you the do's and don'ts of specific installs/materials.
13 • This class welcomes beginners with little to no experience.

5-Day 1 On 1 - Group Training Class

  • ~Certificate of Completion Personal  Training Program.
    ~Exclusive Vinyl Wrap tool kit. After accomplishing the Personal Training Program Tool Kit  Is yours  for you’re future projects 
    You can choose which Person Training Program would you like
            •        One on one Personal Training Program   3 day 1750$ (Bring a friend and receive 10% discount)
            •       One on one Personal Training Program  5 days 2950$ (Bring a friend and receive 10% discount)
            •        Scheduled groups ( 12-15 people per group) Personal Training Program for 5 days  998$

    Advanced Personal Training Program is geared towards experienced wrap installers to master their skills. This Program  will focus on difficult installations, flawless corners, fast and efficient installs, crafting new skill wrapping vehicles 90% without disabling! Gain hands-on experience with all major brands and knowledgeable vinyl wraps installation tips & tricks developed & mastered since 2014.

     Advanced Personal Training Program 4895$ (5 Days) 
     Register with a friend & Pay only 4595$.

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